Summer Jamz

by Milkweed

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A collection of old and new songs


released December 2, 2016

Cover art by Maximum Russell and Arden Yonkers

"Cool it" features Matthew Danger Lippman on guitar
"Callin you" features Nick Stewart on Guitar and Neil Squadron on drums
"Love You" features Milkweed the Cat on keyboard

"til we choke each other to death" engineered by Eric Shekerjian

"You've got three days" features the John Yonkers Animal Band and Matthew Danger Lippman

All other instruments and production by Arden Yonkers



all rights reserved


Milkweed New York, New York

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Track Name: I Appreciate You
I can't recall
the words that you said (you lied)
and I don't, reknown,
into my head (you lied)
and I just appreciate
the way that you fucked me (you lied)
and I can't recall
the words that you said last night
Track Name: Cool it
There's a hole in my heart
and I really want a cigarette
I let my thoughts get sparse
and focus on the smoke

In the kitchen there's my fridge
just inside my friends are callin me
I could really use a lift
bubbles on my lips

There's a hole in my heart
and I'm fillin it with vegetables

It's not the same
Track Name: Demons
The jesus, the demons
the medicine slows your reason to a crawl
The pieces, the puzzle
hold him down by the muzzle and wait
he's still a dog

The jesus, the demons
aint nothin to believe in just yet
the pieces of evening
the little tiny creatures in the wall
he's still a dog

I'm too scary to talk to
Be wary of cartoons

Recently sleeping
is not the same he's not dreaming anymore
speaking and eating
in paradise he's caught lying on the floor
talkin to the lord

I'm too scary to talk to
I'm too scary - a monster
Track Name: My mouth
I smoke because it makes my mouth taste like yours
Track Name: til we choke each other to death
I wanna take two pills and call it a day
I'm in a way
I wanna take two pills and call it a problem
like swallows

I wanna take a bath
and sit in the water
we ought to make an object

I wanna wrestle with you baby
I wanna nestle with you baby
in the side of a cliff
like swallows
we ought to make an object
baby its like swallows

and we fall out with the sea breeze in our open shirts, on our skin

thats what I'm after
Track Name: Love You
I got too many thoughts
spinnin around my head
slow down baby
slow down

I got too many friends
hangin on the words I said
I love you baby
I love you

I love you

I want some peace of mind
tell me where I can find it
slow down baby
slow down

You've been such a good friend
really, you've been so good
i love you baby
god, I love you

What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do without you?

I love you